Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Your Flowerbed Plan

I have a flowerbed in my front yard. In the 7 years I have lived in this house, this year has been the first year that I have really cared about it, and it has returned the favor to me. In the spring, I planted rosemary, basil, oregano, parsley, bell peppers and grape tomatoes in the flowerbed because I use them so much and they herbs cost a lot of money to buy every couple of weeks. So, for about 1.75 per plant, I now have as much basil, oregano and parsley as I want, my rosemary sprigs were a gift that my uncle gave me and I now have 2 thriving bushes. The bell pepper plant has so far yielded 4 large delicious peppers, and #5 & #6 are growing. My grape tomato plant is large with probably 300 little tomatoes on it at various stages of growth and development.

Today's lesson: Plan next years flower bed to include often used herbs and veggies to save money, time and increase nutrition because you can choose to grow them pesticide free!

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