Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This is one area where I am not exceedingly creative. My husband loves plain old white rice with salt and butter, he also loves it cooked just a little on the sticky side. I love basmati rice or wild rice. My youngest son will eat just about any type or flavor of rice and my oldest son won't touch rice with a ten foot pole. The problem is, about 4 months ago, I bought a 25lb bag of plain white rice from Sam's just before it's price went up, I think I paid about .20 a pound. Anyway, I have a lots of rice left and only a few ways I normally use it: white rice with butter, rice pilaf, fried rice and in a casserole.

I NEED IDEAS! PLEASE HELP! leave an idea or a recipe in the comments section please!!!


snippity1 said...

How woman just put up a 'mexican lasagna" recipe that uses bunches of rice.

My own idea is in the same grain (hee hee). I use rice in a mexican food inspired dish. I usually have this the day after we make tacos, and use the leftovers. I start with a bed of rice. Add layers using warm taco meat, shredded cheese, cooked or raw spinach (or lettuce), tomato, onion, black beans, guacamole, salsa and sour cream or anything else you can imagine!. This dish works well with so much of "whatever" you have on hand left from your taco night, or just needing to be used. I never go buy stuff especially for this dish. I make each plate individually so that my picky eaters only get the stuff they like on their plate.

Hope this helps!

snippity1 said...

Oh, and my favorite rice is Jasmine rice.

Anonymous said...

Make an omelet with anything you like in it and serve it on top of a huge pile of rice. I like to add a lot of hot sauce to mine, as well. A little something I learned in Thailand.