Thursday, June 11, 2009

Koolaid Cake

No, that's not a type-o. The cake mix most commonly on sale is yellow or plain, and Kool-aid packets (the little ones) are about 4 for $1. Well, if you want strawberry cake, or orange cake, lemon cake or even the lemon-lime flavor, just add a package of Koolaid mix to the cake (2 if you want a really intense flavor and color) during the mixing and bake as usual. The Koolaid mix doesn't alter your recipe because it adds no liquid and very, very little dry volume. If at first glance you say "but Kool-aid has artificial dyes," then I would encourage you to look at the flavored cake mix box - theirs are artificial too. Besides, you don't have to flavor every cake, just have a little fun with it.


StephG said...

ooohhh, I love that idea!! I'm not one to buy Kool Aid or stuff like that, but I like this fun idea for kids. A great way to get them in the kitchen and have fun cooking!!!!

Gretchen said...

I think it would be loads of fun to divide your batter, color separate bowls differnt colors, and make a rainbow or swirl cake. I am definitely going to try this!

Anonymous said...

This is also the trick that my husband's grandmother uses to make "strawberry" jam out of the figs from the tree in her yard. Go figure...but it's really delicious.