Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Threat of Legal Action

I have been threatened with legal action.  Here is a copy of an email I got just a few minutes ago:

I'm writing to kindly ask if you could change your blog's name? We own the federal trademark on "Money Saving Mom" and since that phrase is in your blog's name, it actually violates our federal trademark, which would mean you'd be subject to federal fines and more if you continue to use it.

I'm sure you didn't know this and I hate to even request this since I know it's tough to change one's blog name. However, since we have gotten Walmart to stop using them phrase "Money Saving Moms" on a section of their site, our attorney also says we have to ask blogs using the phrase "Money Saving Mom" in their name to discontinue it's use because the size of a company or blog doesn't matter when it comes to the federal trademark rules.

I'll be happy to give you 4-6 weeks to change the name (or longer, if you need it). Please just let me know when it is changed, or if you have any other questions.

Thanks so much!

Crystal Paine

Money Saving Mom®

Helping you be a better home economist

So, I guess I have no choice, I'm not rich because I don't advertise on my site, so I have to ask you a question - It will be on the side bar after today - What should I name my site?


maryperk said...

Mommies Who Save Money

Anonymous said...

Money Saving Mothers (well, since we're obviously being technical)

Financially Savvy Child Bearers

Money Saving Mo**ies

Saving and Raising

I crack me up. This is just bizarre, Mommy B.


Anonymous said...

Frugal Moms
Frugal Mommies
It's Nifty to be Thrifty
Nifty Thrifty Mommies
I agree with J. This is just bizarre. Praying for the best!

snippity1 said...

I wish I had attorney connections or was rich as well, because I see "money saving mommies" as totally different and would love to see it argued in court as far as it being an 'infringement'. However...I vote for nifty thrifty mommies :)