Thursday, December 16, 2010

Plastic Bread Tabs

You know those flat, hard plastic tags that come on bread, buns, bagels, etc.  I have 2 good uses for them:

  1. Mini pan scrapers (just like the Pampered Chef ones, but free and smaller so you can toss them more frequently)
  2. Tagging cords going into one of those strip plugs so you know what is what without unplugging the wrong thing, or without following the cord all the way back to the appliance.


Anonymous said...

Oo, oo! I have a good one for these too!

Picture summer time, cheap pastic flip flops...the ones that the middle toe thong keeps coming through the bottom. Put this around the toe thong on the underneath of the shoe and it keeps it from being able to pop through!

Ta da!

Mommy B said...

ha ha ha - you and your flip flops

Anonymous said...

LOL. Some things will never change.

(And thank God for those things.)

Instant Coupons said...

Funny. :)