Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baby Wipes

Have you ever thought about how many baby wipes you use in a day? 10-20? More? Well, I was discussing this issue and the associated cost with my mother and her statement was "We didn't have baby wipes when you were a baby, we just used a wash cloth and washed it in the maching with the rest of the laundry." Well, I try to do that now. I will admit, I do keep the baby wipes around for a couple of things - car trips and poopy diapers. I do break out the washcloths at home and use those for a pee diaper though. So, now I only probably a third of the baby wipes that I used to. Baby wipes are not expensive, but why not save the penny where you can because you may need it somewhere else.

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Kelly said...

When my DS was born, I reused the Huggies wipe containers and made my own wipes by making a gentle soap soultion with baby bath & water and used select-a-size paper towels. They worked perfectly and were super cheap!