Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dollar Stores

They go by many names, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Dollar General, 99 cent store, etc. But have you ever been down the grocery items aisle? Now I normally do not go grocery shopping in a dollar store, never have, but I found some suprising finds. For instance, Nature's Own Honey Wheat Bread, in Food Lion it's 2.19 a loaf, there, $1. There was also Cinnamon Toast Crunch which in Food Lion goes for upwards of $3 for a 14oz box, is on $1 for a 9 oz box. Yes, it's a smaller box, but you can't be the price per ounce, and with a smaller box, it's less likely to go stale. Also, minced garlic in the 8oz jar for $1, which in the grocery is usually $1 for the 4oz jar. Now if brand is an issue for you, buy all means, get what you're comfy with, but for me, things like garlic, elbow macaroni (32oz for $1), kids juice boxes (100% natural, of course), I am happy to save the bucks on!

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