Saturday, May 3, 2008

Diapers at 60%+ off

I have a discount card at every store I regularly use (MVP at Food Lion, VIC at Harris Teeter and ExtraCare at CVS). These cards will prompt the little coupon machines at the store to spit out coupons. Well, on my excursion to the grocery store (Food Lion) yesterday, I noticed that the Jumbo Packs (40 size 5's) of Luvs diapers were on sale for 7.99 a pack with your MVP card (.20/each). Okay, nothing to get too excited about because the boxes I get at Sam's Club breakdown to .17/each. Well, I also happened to have 2 $3.00 off Luvs coupons (spit out of the register machine) PLUS a $2.00 off any $15 baby purchase (same machine) coupon. So let's see, 7.99 a pack on sale is over $15 (for 2 packs) so the $2.00 off coupon applies, plus the 2 - $3.00 coupons (1 coupon per pack, since I bought 2) that equals 3.99/pack or .10/each. NOW THAT'S A DEAL!!!!!!!

Check your coupons and sale ads regularly and save (especially on pricey items like diapers)

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