Sunday, August 8, 2010

.15 notebooks

It's back on!!  The .15 notebooks are here again, please get some along with all of the other supplies you will not see this cheap again until next year.  Here's my own list of favorites:
  • 1subject notebooks, college ruled, .15 each (I have purchased 46)
  • 12 ct. crayola colored pencils, 1.00 (I purchased about 8)
  • 11ct. WASHABLE magic markers, .70 (I purchased about 10)
You can use the notebooks for anything.  For instance:
  • Journaling
  • Phone message book
  • Lesson Plans (1 or 2 days per page leaving lots of room to write and jot and tittle)
  • Recipes
  • Lists
  • Kids doodle pads and drawing books (they don't care about the lines, so neither should you)
  • Books just to have on hand to write your thoughts down
Think about it, the cute journals in the store go for an easy 3.50, give you kid one of these, and let him or her draw their own artwork on a piece of paper, or print something cute off of the computer, and paste it on, but don't pay a ton for a notebook

Just write on the front what it's for and who it's for and go with it.  Options:
  • 'Mom's Thoughts'
  • 'Bible Study Notes'
  • 'Jacob's Kindergarten Lesson Plans'
  • 'Booklist, Field Trips and other Enrichment Activities for Kindergarten 2010-2011'
  • 'Recipes and attempted Concocktions'
  • 'Money Saving Mommies best Ideas Ever'  (wink, wink)
  • 'Shopping list'
  • 'Blog ideas'
  • 'Ideas to save more money around my home'
  • the list goes on.......
If you have kids, get a  ton so they have their own, if you do not have kids, I would still get about 25 and have them ready to go anytime.  At .15, that's a bargain.

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