Thursday, June 17, 2010

Zote soap

Today I was in one of our little local grocery stores and noticed a soap I've never seen before.  It's called Zote laundry soap and it comes in both white and pink, and I found it down the Latino goods aisle.  After doing a little research, it is supposed to be a basic Mexican soap used for years for laundry done in rivers on washboards.  I'm going to try it in my laundry soap recipe and see how I like it.

By the way:

Fels Naptha is 1.39 for a 7ish ounce bar and Zote is 1.39 for a 14 oz bar.

I'll use it and review it.


slk2042 said...

I love Zote soap! It has a scent similar yo Ivory, and is ver mild. I use it for my laundry soap with good results.

Francisco said...
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Francisco said...

I love to use Zote Soap. Did you know it also can be use as Fishing Bait? Also, Zote comes in two different sizes.