Wednesday, June 2, 2010


My dear Lord cheese is expensive.  The best I can find at regular price is about $4 per pound.

So, on my way back from homeschool convention (which was awesome as expected), my sister and I stopped at Sam's, and I purchased more chese then ever before in my life.

  • 5lb loaf of sharp cheddar $10.50
  • 5lb loaf of mozzarella $11.25
I have a deli slicer, so some was sliced and packaged for freezing, some was frozen in small blocks and I shredded some and put it in the freezer in gallon sized freezer bags. 

I really hope this experiment works.  My family loves cheese and this way it was half price!

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slk2042 said...

I've heard that cheese can be frozen very well. I've never tried it, so please send an update to let us know how it worked!