Friday, January 15, 2010

Stainless Steel Cleaner

I have a lot of stainless steel appliances, and they need to be cleaned A LOT!  Stainless steel cleaner is pricey - usally about $4 a pop, so I have been working with some things I alredy have in my home that are cheap, environmentally friendly and kid friendly.  Oh yeah, and I don't want it to streak - turns out white vingear in water (1:20) does a good job, and so far, no streaks.  Cheap, easy, and if the kids get into  it and drink some - no worries!

**Ooops - 1:10 on the vinegar and water, course you can go higher if you need it!!


slk2042 said...

One part white vinegar to 20 parts water? (Just want to make sure I understand...)
I often use equal parts vinegar and rubbing alcohol as an all-purpose, disinfecting cleaner. It doesn't streak my mirrors, and the smell of the vinegar dissipates in time.
I have found that my vinegar and alcohol mixture makes the fumes from chlorine-based cleaners really pungent, though. I don't know why, maybe someone here can explain the chemistry behind it? But anyway, I don't recommend using vinegar, alcohol, and chlorine together.

Mommy B said...

Meant 1:10, so I corrected it - thanks for pointing that out.

My next project is oven cleaner - we'll see if I can do that one - any suggestions?

Thanks for reading!

slk2042 said...

No suggestions on the oven cleaner. If you came to my kitchen, you'd see why, LOL. Cleaning the oven is just about my least-liked chore, UGH. (But if you'd like to test your new concoction over at my house, please be my guest!)