Friday, January 22, 2010

This is my new go-to books website.  You just type in the name of your book (or ever how much you can remember of it) and it pulls the list for you.  You click on the correct title and wha you get is not a file on 1 book (like Ebay), but a list of all of the books of that title and edition for sale listed by condition.  For instance, if you type in 'Nourishing Traditions' you get a few book covers to choose from, you click on the one you want and then your list pops up.  You get several listed under new, very good, good and acceptable.  There are also further descriptons available and you can see how sellers are ranked with the star system just like ebay.  You also pay with paypal.  I have purchased several books from them and so far I highly recommend it as a go-to source so you don't have to pay full price for a book you may need to buy rather than just rent at the library.  Of course finding it at the thrift shop is still cheaper most of the time, but you have to ravel to many and dig and you still may not find it.  I have a long term list for things to pick up 'just in case I see it on a thrift shop shelf' but more urgently needed items I get at

****Correction - I was mistaken!  You can't use paypal - I hope you can soon though :)


slk2042 said...

DH buys his college textbooks from So far he is very happy with the site, too.
The only drawback he has found with using them is that individuals ship the books, and they may or may not be timely in mailing them off to you. (Hence he really uses the "star" ranking system.)
But if you have about two or three weeks before your classes start, you'll get your books on time.

snippity1 said...

I looked something up on earlier today...and they had it, but it appeared I couldn't use my paypal account. I'm not sure if this was just from this particular seller or what...but I figured it is an ebay affiliate...they should have to use paypal! I decided not to buy at that point.

Mommy B said...

snip - you are right, I was mistaken about the paypal part. sorry, dear -