Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dollar Tree & Noteworthy!

On a recent trip to our local Dollar Tree I found a few note worthy and stock up worthy items I'll share with you:

Mott's Organic Unsweetend Applesauce 23oz jar

Apple & Eve 8oz. Juice Boxes 3 pack

Metal 8x5 Loaf Pans (not the toss away kind)

Metal 6 Muffin Pans (not the toss away kind)

1 Dozen Medium Eggs

8 oz Block Cream Cheese


slk2042 said...

Grrr. None of the Dollar Stores in my area offer good stuff like that. They don't sell groceries at all. The Dollar General type discount stores sell groceries, but their prices are not cheaper. I think they raise up the prices because shoppers have a false assurance that they're saving money because they're at the Dollar General stores. If they kept a price book, they'd realize they're getting ripped off.
So I'm super jealous of your good deals, and totally bummed that I can't find goodies like that.

snippity1 said...

I shy away from the reusable metal pans at the dollar stores. I am happy to save money, but often those items are made in strange foreign places. I'm not confident of the quality of a few items. Metal pans are one of those things.

My favorite deal at the dollar tree is on the bread. Name brand, in date & usually sells for $2.49 or more at the regular grocery store is $1.00!

snippity1 said...

I have to correct myself...I happenend to be in the Dollar Tree yesterday, and the pans had a liner that said Made in maybe not such a bad bargain!

The apple & eve juice boxes were a little better price at Sam's Club, if you need quantity. I have to send a juice box to school with my child each day. If I don't, then the school provides a milk and charges me 75 cents. The juice boxes I got today were 25 cents each...that saves me about $10 a month!