Friday, March 6, 2009

Why choose ramen?

I am not a fan of ramen noodles. When I was a kid, I loved them all, every salty flavor. Of course I am also a chip lover, but I have been appalled at the price of chips lately - over $2 and sometimes oer $3 a bag. Ramen noodles are about $.11 a package, and cook in about 3-4 minutes in the microwave, and you don't even need the special microwavable kind, the plain plastic wrapped kind will work in a microwave safe bowl with water in it. Plus, the ramen noodles are filling. I'm not saying it's a healthy snack, but it is a cheap snack that most teens will eat, and remember that chips are not a healthy snack either.

Personally, I would prefer a slice of homemade whole grain bread and some sliced cheese, and yes, that is healthier, but the title of this blog is 'money saving mommies' so I have to keep the ideas in context

If you show a teenage boy how to microwave his own ramen noodles, he can safely do it himself and take care of his own snack attacks - and teenage boys have lots of these, and they can get expensive. So, pass over the chips and try some ramen instead, and save a big chunk of change.

If times get REALLY tight, and if the economy gets worse, it may come to that, then you could feed a family of 4 on ramen noodles for about $1 or less, depending on everyone's appetite. (I'm not recommending people start doing this on a routine basis, but I do know that sometimes when disaster strikes people feel like they are at the end of their rope and they don't know how they will feed their families, this is just an idea if you have only a buck or 2 to spend for food for a few days)


Anonymous said...

Throw a piece of peanut butter bread in with that meal and you've got yourself a cheap protein too.

Again, not ideal, but money saving, none the less. :)

StephG said...

I love Ramen noodles. Haven't had them in years, but they were so yummy!!!

snippity1 said...

My doctor got mad at me during my pregnancies for eating these...but they can be pretty tasty. What broke college student hasn't had these? There is some kind of oriental salad I've had with these in them, as well. The seasoning packet is the worst part (sodium wise)of these. You could use as little of the seasoning as possible to cut back...or cook the noodles,drain, and throw in bits and pieces of whatever veggies you might have on hand, and turn it into a cheap stirfry.