Monday, March 16, 2009


My husband and I resisted temptation like crazy mad people this weekend. We borrowed a friends Wii to try, and of course we enjoyed it. So, later that same day, hubby offers to let me run free for a few hours while he has the kids (yay for me), so I go first to wally-world then to a myraid of other spots. Well, I look at the Wii's then the Wii Fits and I'm just uneasy about dropping that much dough on a game. Then I go to kmart - out of Wii, then yesterday we go out of town for church and went to their local wal-mart - no wii. By this time, we were not only okay with the fact that there were no Wii's to be bought, we were a little giddy - and then when considered the fact that we had just saved about $400 smackers, we shared a kiss of joy.

There are still a lot of activities you can do for cheap or free - do them instead.


Anonymous said...

You know I like saving money as much as the next person...well, okay, probably not as much as you. I have a hard time imagining that anyone enjoys saving as much as you. :)

But, I have to say, that sometimes it's okay to long as you are not going into debt for it and it's not taking necessities from your family.

Sometimes people get a little too wrapped up in the saving and storing up treasures in the bank and forget that life is meant to be enjoyed too. I don't think this is your philosophy, but I believe it is the philosophy of some (even if subconcious).

My husband and I are not flighty or irresponsible with money but he has a saying (handed down from his dad)..."It's just paper, unless you spend it."

Mommy B said...

We probably would have indulged for it, but when we tried it out, Jacob had a little difficulty getting the hang of it (which I know he eventually would have) and we also considered my husband's new paycut. We did, however, concede that this winter it probably will be purchased for some more indoor activity.

And no, I don't think anyone enjoys saving money as much as I do :) Of course, this is why I love to share. I consider my money saving creativity and enthusiasm to be a gift to be shared to help others find ways to save a buck or 2 to help make it through what is turning out to be a rough recession.

Anonymous said...

As the owner of a Wii, which we did not go in to debt for :), I can tell you that it will take a little getting used to by the small ones...but once they get the hang of is great family fun and gets everybody up off their booties.

Keep passing along those saving tips. Food Lion had a great deal on chicken breasts this week...stock up. :)

snippity1 said...

We also have the is fun...but will cost you way more than $400 :) It is so much fun, that you will be running the TV and sytem for hours and hours at a time (ok, maybe a bit exaggerated :). Plus, the wii-motes are battery powered. You can invest in the recharge station that holds the wii's, or at least several sets of rechargeable batteries (we chose regular rechargeables). You'll also need at least 2 wii-motes and a lot of games use the nunchuks. And while the games that are included are fun, you'll probably want a few more sooner or later at about $40-50 bucks each. Of course, you may be able to find used games from time to time. But, we've had a lot of fun with our Christmas is still being played a LOT!!! (I particularly like boxing and Mario Kart :)