Friday, January 9, 2009

College Books

Hi everyone! I am Misssnippity, and I have taken Mommy B up on her invitation to post some money saving ideas. My first post is something that is dear to my heart right now, as I am still in college. Ask around to see if anyone you know has the books you need. Check bulletin boards on campus if you are close! People may be willing to get rid of books for cheap. Unfortunately, I couldn't find what I needed this time. If you ever have to buy textbooks for you, or your not just take the price offered by the school bookstore. Do a little research and find out the ISBN of the books your professors require. Then, go to a site such as (my favorite) or a simple internet search of that ISBN. You can find the same books at a much better price! I saved over $100 dollars last semester (2 classes), and this semester's savings are about $50 (one class). This was on brand-new texts. You can sometimes buy used and save even more. The site I use shipped for free, and gave me a buyback promise, which was 50% of what I paid. They even paid for the return shipping!

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