Saturday, January 3, 2009

The candle with staying power - or at least reuse power

I had a good idea today. I was putting away Christmas decor and it included some old candles. So, I'm trying something. I melted out the little bit of wax in the jar, dumped it and then cleaned the jar and voila! A new storage canister!

*****update - I ended up using it to store a snack - homemade granola. The airtightness seal on the candles canisters is so much tighter than on a food grade one (who knows why that would be) and my kids can't even get it open (maybe that's why). But it works great and would probably hold small amounts of things like beans, rice, brown sugar, etc. pretty well. If you buy the 50lb bags of rice or oats like I do, you can use one of these to keep a small amount handy and keep the rest in a cellar or pantry for longer term storage.


snippity1 said...

You've got to be extra careful with the meling wax part! I used to make candles with an aunt, and we always used a water bath(double broiler kind of thing) for safety.

Mommy B said...

Yeah - it only took a couple of minutes on the lowest setting on the lowest BTU burner and the wax started melting so I turned it off while it finished. Stuff like this is why I have a disclaimer.