Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Speaking Engagements

I have 2 speaking engagements coming up.  I am so excited and nervous at the same time.

The First one is at our church's Whole Ministry Center at 7pm on January 13th, and the topic will be related to food, grocery shopping, meal planning, making things homemade, gardens, etc - pretty much anything food related.

The second one will be at our local library in their multipurpose room in the back on Monday January 31 from 630pm until 8pm.  I will begin with the same topic (different crowd) but will expand into laundry and electricity as needed.

I am soooo excited!


snippity1 said...

Good Job Mommy B!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an exciting experience! Please post back and tell us all about it.

Anonymous said...

Good luck today!

Mommy B said...

Thank you Stacie, I am both excited and nervous - I actually have to talk for an entire hour.

Sunday Coupons said...

Excellent! You have a wonderful experience. Keep posting