Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yard Sale Finds

I do love yard sales, at least most of the time.  This past Saturday there were several that looked pretty interesting in our local paper, so, Saturday morning, I was up early, paper in one hand, coffee in the other an headed out the door on my adventure.

Word to the wise, if you have GPS, use it for yard sales!  I was taken directly to where I wanted to go each time even in our local 'turn and twist' neighborhood.  When I saw an unadvertised yard sale, I was able to make a quick stop, then when I was done, my GPS had me back on track to my destination.  I did make a few excellent deals:

  • A comb binding machine for $5 (not the $35 version, but the 330 page $250 version)
  • A multi function, leather desk chair for $20 ( about $200 or more new) with just a few small scuffs on the botton corners (nothing a little shoe polish won't fix)
  • A cast iron bundt pan, in good useable condition
  • plus a few odd and end items, but these were my biggies
Early Fall is big yard saling time, so go prepared and ready to bargain hunt - and oh yeah, take a list!

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