Friday, May 7, 2010

Summer savings

I find myself  in the same dilemma every late spring/early summer - what can I do to help my husband's income stretch as far as possible?  So this year is no different.  Many of the things I will try to do are rehashed from years past, and some will be experimental, but here is where I am so far:
  • Meal planning with baking scrutiny - what I mean here is that in the summer it is hot, and the AC is on trying to cool it down, so the more I bake, the more heat I'm putting out into the room and the more the AC is having to work to counter it.  That means using more elctricity.  So, I'm working on my meal planning to include multiple meals so that I can have one or two baking days, but still have food for the week without having to heat my house up every day or 2 for baking.  Stove heating only takes a few minutes and doesn't heat up the house nearly as hot or as long, so that I don't mind.  Of course this also means planning my baking days around the coolest days o the week also to help the AC bill - we'll see how that one goes
  • Hanging clothes on the clothesline
  • Using our fans
  • Going outside more
  • Drinking lots of cold liquids
  • Keeping extra bottles of liquid in the freezer to freeze and help keep the temperature in the freezer steady, and it helps keep the freezer from running so much, the trick is tospread the bottles out a bit.
  • Keep unused electronics off when not in use.  You would be suprised how much heat a computer and other electronic devices create when they are not being used.  They also could use a cooling off period anyway to rest the motors.
Plug away and save that cash -


slk2042 said...

Do you have an area of your yard/balcony that is sunny most of the day? If so, you might consider making a solar cooker. I have one that I made from a reflective windshield shade. I don't use it very often, maybe because I don't feel assured of my cooking results yet, but I think I'll get better with more practice. Here is a link to make several, mine is the second one on the list:
If you want other info, here is another great site:

Mommy B said...

I had no clue about the solar cookers, but I am going to try this!!! I have also hear of using a hay box to cook in, and that's something else I'll try at some point, but the solar cooker comes first!!