Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cash for Groceries

Most people have heard of this 'cash only' system for buying groceries - I have wanted to do it, but keep getting back into the debit card rut.  We definitely do not use credit cards - for anything, but it is easy to lose track of extras when you're swiping the debit card.

Can I do it? Can I really go to a cash only?

My husband gets paid on Monday, and when I deposit his check on Tuesday morning I am going to keep out $75 for groceries, and try to do $75 weekly on the cash system and see if I make it - I'll let you know if I can pull it off or fall on my face!!

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slk2042 said...

The cash only system doesn't work for me, so I'd be interested to see how you fare, too.
I think the reason it doesn't work for me is that I usually buy for two to three weeks at a time. I don't feel comfortable carrying that amount of cash with me.
I also find that my grocery budget gets blown if I find good deals and stock up on items that I hadn't anticipated.
Please follow up so I can hear your strategies.