Friday, February 26, 2010


Hey! Look to the right!  As of today, ourtruck is paid off!  Next one up, the car, followed by the computers, followed by the boat!!!  Of course I will eventually change the boat from years to dollars, but it's embarrassing!

On a motivational note, if you have a 'pay off list' or 'debt snowball' that you're working on paying off, please post it somewhere that you will see it everyday to remind yourself of your goals!


snippity1 said...

good job, mommy b!

I'm debt snowballing...the opposite way! It seems like every time we get to where we can put extra towards the bills, something important pops up. But, we're working on it! Good for you to get one thing off the list & to quickly follow with the others!

slk2042 said...

Wonderful news! Doesn't it feel great to cross that one off the list?
Keep up the good work!