Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Olive Oil Thing....

Okay, a few weeks ago I posted this about olive oil for moisturizer. So, I've been doing it since then and have noticed a few things:
  • My towels are not spotty (question I received)
  • My bathtub is not slippery (You only use a tad)
  • If I miss a day, I'm still not ashy
  • I use it on my face (a single drop on wet hands spread onto a wet face, the pat dry with a towel), and while I have seen no increase or decrease in acne (I still have the occasional small breakout), I have a noticeable difference in the smoothness of my skin and my normally very oily skin is less oily (that was a suprise to me - I was truly expecting the opposite effect).
  • My skin does not feel oily, but moisturized
  • My clothing is not spotty either

If you have not tried it, you're not going to hurt anything, just remember do it after you shower when your skin is still wet and don't use very much, or you will feel like a McD's french fry.

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