Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Response Letter From Harris Teeter

Thanks for your email and for taking the time to respond to your shopping experience. Our pricing program during the summer months/peak season (Memorial Day to Labor Day) in this store will in fact differ from other stores; as the store is so much different than our ?regular? stores. This store during the summer months will have great prices on summer items all summer long to support the need of the thousands of vacationers.

Great prices on summer items, great service, fresh products and clean stores are how we will best meet the needs of our summer customers. Concentrating on these areas will enable us to spend less time/labor changing prices every week and allow us to put our efforts on great service, fresh products, and clean stores to get our customers in and out of the store and back to the beach in the fastest way possible.

During the off season as the market changes to mainly serving our local customers, the Outer Banks store(s) will be on the same advertising program as the other stores in the nearby area.

We are truly appreciative of all our shoppers and find our pricing program flexible enough to meet the needs of all customers.

Thank you again for taking the time to share your concerns. I hope this letter gives you an understanding of our pricing program and how we plan to meet the needs of all our customers. I hope your enjoy your new Harris Teeter and we are able to meet your shopping needs.


Harris Teeter Customer Relations
Reference: #873005

- so, in essence, they understand that I was not excited about their decisions, but they are justifying it with catering to the vacationers - I guess us local folk will be important again after Labor day


Erin said...

I just got this same email from this guy Tom. I emailed HT last week. I get weekly specials emailed to me each week. Whenever i got to HT the items i went to buy on sale aren't??
He really didn't answer my question obviously.
So basically they will never cater to locals. I am a Food Lion shopper for good now.

Mommy B said...

LOL you must live on the coast too