Thursday, April 30, 2009


I love this stuff. I really try to go low chemical and low odor in my home (youngest child has milk asthma), so this stuff works well. Yes, it has chemicals, but not too many and there is very little smell. It's also been around for about a hundred years, and YES!! it cleans wonderfully!! Sinks, tubs, microwaves, grout, toilets, toaster ovens, faucets, and so much more. Plus the best thing - IT"S CHEAP!! It costs only about a buck a can and the can lasts a looooooong time!


Joel and Tania said...

Have you heard of Norwex? It is a company that sells chemical free stuff. I don't use any chemicals anymore... they have many items that work great, cost a bit more but again, last forever and some are just special cloths that can be reused until they wear out. Better health is sometimes worth a tad bit of an extra expense. You can eat most of their stuff!

Mommy B said...

We don't have Norwex here that I know of. There are a couple of companies similar to that here though, one is called Shaklee.