Sunday, October 12, 2008

Convenience Foods

As an all-natural ingredient, from scratch as much as possible, chemical fearer type of person, I am naturally of the belief that homemade is better. And quite frankly, I can't think of one instance where that is not true. But I do have to remember that this is a money saver blog so I am going to delve into the issue of convenience foods from that perspective.

I do not believe that convenience foods are all bad, just those purchased through a drive through window at 6pm because you don't know what else to do. Total drive through cost for a family of 4: $15 if your 2 kids are 2 & 4, $25 if your kids are 12 & 14, and of course, much more if you have more kids or if your family tends to get all of the supersize, extra bacon tack on options. So what's a mom to do at 6pm when she has no clue what to do: Stouffer's frozen lasagna $8, Freschetta Frozen Pizza $6, Voila Frozen Meal Bags $4. Any one or even 2 of these is better for you than fast food fare, AND is better for the wallet.

If you can, cook and freeze your own convenience items like the lasagna homemade, but if that's not your style, then check out stouffer's. The goal here is the highest quality the fastest and for the lowest price. I'm not saying every meal should go down this way, but it does happen on occasion to all of us, even me.

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