Thursday, September 18, 2008

Leftover Magic for $3.20

We had hamburgers a few days ago and there were several leftover. Well, we did not want to have reheated hamburgers (let's face it, they are just not as good the second time around), and I didn't have any hamburger buns anyway, so I had to think of something to do with them or throw them out. I hate to throw out food that still has potential. It just seems wasteful to me and I think it's not being a good steward of our family's money. Anyway, I had an idea - spaghetti. I had a couple of 8oz boxes of spaghetti that I had gotten for .29 each, plus a half of a jar of leftover sauce that I had gotten 3/$5, so I just chopped up 4 hamburger patties ($2.08/lb.) with my food chopper and added it to the sauce and let it heat thoroughly. My husband made a comment that the spaghetti was better than usual, and told him what I had done. We figured that the difference had to be the leftover hamburgers because we seasoned those with a little bit of steak seasoning prior to cooking so they had a slight steak-y flavor that complimented the spaghetti sauce.

Cost of the spaghetti meal for the entire family of 4 - $3.20 (plus we have leftovers for lunch today)

If you have good leftover stories or ideas, please, please, please post them!!!! I am always looking for more!


Debbie said...

This comment is a little late but I hope this helps you out next time you have leftover hamburgers in your house. Make hamburger salad. My hubby even loves it (trust me this is surprising). Basically warm up leftover burger the kind with cheese is even better. Assemble all burger fixings that you love (go heavy on lettuce, and other veggies), mayo or some other messy ingredient is generally helpful (ketchup, mustard, relish, salad dressing really anything that you would/could put on your burger) mix it all together and there you have it a mmmmmmmmmmmmm burger salad. I actually try to cook extra burgers just for the leftovers. Hope this helps with your next leftover crisis.

Debbie said...

Opps forgot to tell you to omit burger and include croutons if you want.