Tuesday, April 29, 2008


With the exponentially fast rise in the price of wheat, I urge people to try your hand at making your own bread at home. It tastes better, you get to control the quality of the ingredients, and it generally costs about 80% less than the store bought kind. I was at Sam's Club last week and a 25lb. bag of bread flour cost about 10.50. It only takes about 3 cups of bread flour to make one 9x5 loaf of bread. Yeast was about 4.30 for 2lbs and it only takes about a teaspoon per loaf. Most people add a little salt, usually around 1teaspoon per loaf and some add sugar, again about a teaspoon per loaf. And the water is such a small amount it won't even count. Now, I am not mathmatician, but I think that all adds up to about 0.35 per loaf, and baking doesn't take long either, and if you do not want to heat up your oven just for bread, then just make it when you're making something in the oven anyway, and make more than one loaf at the time, and just freeze the extra loaves.

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