Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Olive Oil

I am always in the pursuit of personal care items that are more natural, and less, well, chemically-concocted. So, I was doing a little 'green' reading and came across an interesting idea - olive oil as a body moisturizer after bath instead of lotions (which are a myriad of chemicals anyway). So I tried it, and I love it (and no, I don't smell like and italian restaurant all day).

So, what you do is take a shower or bath, then, while your skin is wet (or in other words, before you towel off) rub a little olive oil in your wet skin. That's easy. How much? I use a dime sized amount for each arm and a quarter sized amount for each leg and my torso. Just rub it in well before you towel off and that's it.

I don't have to continuously remoisturize, there are no ashy elbows or knees, and the 'heavy' oily feeling (not really heavy, feels about the same as if I just slathered on lotion) only lasts about 5 minutes, then it's gone.

And yes, I use plain old olive oil like for cooking.


Gretchen said...

Check out for a how-to on using oils for facial cleansing, not just moisturizer. I switched a few months ago and my skin has seriously never been better. Chemical-free, locally-bought oil, you can blend it according to your skin type.

tammyk said...

I switched to moisturizing with olive oil about 6 months ago and love it!! My skin is not dry and not oily-- just right.
I've also found that I don't get bitten by mosquitoes as much as other people, which I've heard can be diet or moisturizer.

Anonymous said...

Does it make your towels oily/spotty? That would be my only concern.

Amy said...

I wondered the same thing about the towels, and I will keep a close eye on it, but so far, I have not noticed any. The reason might be that I don't use very much of the oil (a little does just fine) and I rub it in well

But if I notice spotting, I will pass that along :)